Coining the phrase "Front Porch Blues", Kyle Knutson creates a sound that separates him apart from most singer/songwriter acts of today. With a predominate finger-picking style of guitar playing that becomes augmented by the tapping of his foot on a wooden plank, finally the occasional notes of a harmonica accompanied between vocal lines will leave you feeling as though you are on your front porch on a warm Summers' eve kicking it easy with a cold beverage of choice in hand.

    Kyle's songwriting is very mature, painting portraits with a unique influence of every day landscapes. "I like creating songs that can place a listener in a vantage point similar to watching a mini movie through lyrics." Some of Kyle's stronger co-writing collaborations from his time spent in Nashville can be heard on his latest release: 'Born With An Old Soul.' Recording a majority of the instruments heard on the album himself, the year and a half long project is a representation of the artists' ability to express himself as songwriter, musician, and producer.


“I call it Front Porch Blues..”